Vendor Intelligence™ is the leading real-time market research house covering the UK & Ireland contact centre market.


We are a wholly owned trading brand of OneWeek Media Limited.


Our daily and monthly market research services can trace their roots to January 2007, when we launched the Call Centre Clinic and it’s 5-A-Day information service.


Like the contact centre market, we have evolved and matured over time and now Vendor Intelligence™ is an established and trusted research partner to 30+ vendor and consulting organisations.


In November 2015, our flagship product, Contact Centre Daily Market Report, celebrated its 2000th issue.

News-flow = Sales Opportunities

At the heart the Vendor Intelligence™ offering is the proven belief that news-flow provides valuable business development and sales leads.


Timely and easy-to-digest access to news-flow should be a given for the marketing, sales, and business development departments of major suppliers into the customer contact sector.


Our Contact Centre Daily Market Report provides this timely and easy-to-digest resource.


To further emphasise the lead-generative potential of news-flow, we introduced our monthly Contact Centre NewsLeads™ supplement, detailing the stories that we consider to offer business development opportunities.



Contact Centre Daily Market Report

Delivery: 250 issues per year


Format: HTML email


Geography of News-flow:


Contact centre openings: UK & Ireland


Contact centre closings: UK & Ireland


Contact centre expansions: UK & Ireland


Contact centre contractions: UK & Ireland


Other contact centre employer news: UK & Ireland


Contact centre technology product launches/updates: Global


Contact centre technology manufacturer news: Global


Contact centre multinational outsourcer news: Global


Contact centre local outsourcer news: UK & Ireland


Research and market analysis relating to contact centres, customer service, customer engagement, collaboration, and customer experience: Global


Contact centre vendor sponsored or authored opinion/feature articles: Global


Sample Issue: Click here…

Contact Centre NewsLeads™

Delivery: 12 issues per year


Format: HTML email


Content: Summary of lead-generative events over the month, including contact centre openings, closing, expansions and contractions. Plus, other employer news that may provide useful market insight for business developers.


Sample Issue: Click here…



Contact Centre Business Developer Package      



250 consecutive Contact Centre Daily Market Reports over one year (Monday – Friday)


12 consecutive monthly issues of Contact Centre NewsLeads™



Small Team Licence (up to 5 users): £625 + VAT per annum


Large Team Licence (up to 10 users): £750 + VAT per annum


Corporate Licence (up to 20 users): £1,000 + VAT per annum



Sam Heggie-Collins is the co-founder and editor of Vendor Intelligence™.


Sam joined OneWeek Media in January 2007 and has progressed from research assistant to managing and editing all the current Vendor Intelligence™ output.


Sam welcomes invitations to connect on Linkedin.com.